Marketing Strategy & Consulting 

You have the idea, the will, and the determination to see your business succeed.

It’s time to find the sales and marketing strategy that positions you for success and sets you apart from your competition. Gain access to a decade worth of expertise in digital marketing, proven launch strategies, and effective brand marketing.  We will provide you with a direction for growth without limitation.

In order for our strategies to be successful, we understand that they must be developed to adapt with the market and allow for unplanned pivots. False promises are not our thing; we work to show you tangible, measurable results.

We lay the foundation for your marketing strategy while empowering you with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to continue your growth.


Brand Strategy 

We help build brands from the ground up, and work with existing brands to take them to the next level.  

We are finding a way to connect you with your ideal client, using the right tactics, at the perfect point along their buyer journey. Your brand is everything. Branding more critical than ever better,  Be authentic 

Our clients start at all different places. For some, it’s a product that needs a name. For others, a brand extension as they transition into a new industry. 

The success of your business hinges on the market’s perception of you. In our brand audit and discovery sessions, we will collaborate to help you: 

  • Define your story and messaging 

  • Establish a voice for your organization, giving it a recognizable voice in the marketplace. 

  • Define your positioning statement- What's the one thing you can say that no one else can say? What benefits do you bring

  • Establish guidelines that align with your audience’s needs and expectations.

  • Create your visual Identity- we pinpoint the look and feel that will best speak to your audience, including color and design elements.

  • Identify your competition - we help you determine how to surpass them.

  • Create sales materials and packaging- can you beat the 3 second rule?

  • & so much more! 


Product Launches

Selling your product can be an uphill battle. Without a well-established plan in place, it can be difficult to attract and retain buyers. That’s where we come in. 

Prosper Peak specializes in creating customized,  go-to marketing strategies. We design our launch tactics around measurability, alignment and longevity. Your team will be left with a blueprint for success. 

 We will create an action plan that maps out how we are going to: 

  • Reach your target audience and your revenue goals.

  • Analyze your competition and establish a competitive advantage

  • Identify your channel partners. 

  • Turn your customers in brand fans.

  • Distribute and promote your content across various digital platforms.


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