We’re about as New England as

Clam chowdah, *wicked good coffee, and spontaneous weather patterns.


A Marketing Strategist, a Graphic Designer, and a Writer who all share a passion for education.


What sets Prosper Peak apart from other marketing agencies?

Well, for one thing, we’re not an agency; we’re a small, boutique marketing team with digital expertise, a decade of experience working with startups and shake-ups, and a passion for teaching businesses how to grow and scale.

We’re going to help you become the smartest person in the room!


It’s as simple as this: we’re just really good at what we do.

Marketing strategies are not “one size fits all.”

Our versatile and adaptive approach pairs innovative ideas with compatible tools to revamp your content, connect with a larger audience, and lay the foundation for long-term growth. Think of us as an extension of your team. We audit, strategize, and learn alongside you as we work to produce high-quality results at a fast pace.

We’re going to help you become the smartest person in the room!


Meet the ambitious do-ers behind Prosper Peak's boutique team



  • I grew up in Middlebury, Connecticut.

  • I come from a very big and very loud Italian family.  

  • My spirit animal is a peacock (I just need to fly). 

  • I am always telling “good enough” jokes around the office.

  • I have a twin brother (we share everything - I’m advocating for my own birthday cake this year.)

  • As a business casual fashon-ista you will never catch me without a dress and heels (I’m 5’2 1/2)

  • I’m a former latin and ballroom dance instructor.

Fun Fact: I once went 365 days without wearing makeup or buying shoes so that my parents would help me buy my first computer. 

Growth Marketing Leader • Technology Executive • Revenue Generator



  • I grew up here in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

  • My spirit animal is the dung beetle. 

  • I am always the most hydrated person.. In any room!

  • I graduated from The New Hampshire Institute of Art for Illustration & Design

  • The tv character that I most identify with would have to be the Green Ranger from Power Rangers (season 1)

  • Guilty for always carry my sketch pad on hand and a pen in my ear.

  • I  enjoy overthinking everything, snowboarding, kickboxing, philosophy, exploring the world in my free time. 

  • If I wasn’t a graphic designer, I would pursue my dream of becoming an intergalactic black hole explorer. 



  • I’m from Hudson, New Hampshire.

  • I play volleyball for St. Lawrence University, and will soon be graduating with an English and Business double major.

  • The tv character that I most identify with is Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. 

  •  I’m the worst back-seat driver you’ll ever meet. 

  • My spirit animal is the Geico Camel. 

  • I love reading, writing, and running in my free time.

  • I love to travel (mostly back to Slovakia where my family is from.)